The school years in the UK run from 1st of September to the 31st of August. The years in schools are numbered sequentially from infants to college entry. However, the first year is not included and is called reception. Children in the UK usually go to school when they turn 5. Usually, they start school when they are 4 years old. Children starting secondary school now have to stay on until they are 17 years old.

Age at end of yearName of the year groupKey stageAverage attainment level at the end of stageExams
6Year 11
7Year 212SATs
8Year 32
9Year 42
10Year 52
11Year 624SATs
12Year 73
13Year 83
14Year 935 to 6
15Year 104GCSE
16Year 1146 to 7GCSE
17Year 125AS Level
18Year 135A Level, Diploma

The children are divided into key stage groups with a curriculum for each stage. At the end of each of the stages children may take SAT’s (statutory assessment tests) and often parents look for a tutor as their child comes up to one of these test dates.

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