One of the most frequently asked quetion from the tutors is ‘how much should I charge?’. This is a difficult question to answer though. One way to gauge the right amount is to do a bit of secret shopper research by contacting other people advertising for tuitions. You may find out what they charge per hour and whether they have any space. If you find that they are full with a waiting list, it could be an opportunity for you too.

If you charge too little, for example, £10 for one hour’s tuition, surprisingly you will not get a great deal of work. It is a common misconception that the cheaper your fees the more popular your service will be. On the other hand, if you charge too much like over £30, you may not attract many clients unless you are based in a big city like London.

You may start at a minimum of £22 per hour or may be little less if you don’t have enough experience. After you establish yourself, you can consider increasing your fee to £26 to £30 depending on your location. In London, it is not uncommon for a fee of £35 (or more) per hour to be charged.

The important thing is not to feel guilty when you start by charging £22 or more. You are providing a professional service, satisfying a need and, hopefully, giving value for money. If you think it is too much, you will feel embarrassed when taking the money. You must feel confident and comfortable with your fee and tell yourself, you are well worth it. If you are in doubt, try getting a plumber or electrician out for less than £25 per hour.

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